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METAL element - JOY

100% 10ml Pure & Natural Essential Oils
Made in France


Among the functions of essential oils, carefully selected types that can be used with confidence without warning from children, elderly people, and pregnant women, among those that have an effective function against fungi and viruses . 
A refreshing fragrance helps purify the air, it is a useful blend in the indoor and outdoor. 


<Blend content>

asthma & fungal infections

fainting & palpitation

fever & flu

colds & nervous exhaustion

tisse regeneration & bactericidal


<Suggesttion usage> not for consumption

acne :

gently rub 1 drop FAITH on infected spot, twice a day

insect bites :

1-2 drops FAITH onto bite's areas, twice a day

tooth ache or gum inflammation :

4-5 drops FAITH or JOY in a cup of water, gargle 3 times a day

massage or bath :

10-15 drops into your massage oil or your bath water

headache / cramps / muscle tension :

gently massage affected area with 4-5 drops or during "gua sha"

nose congestion / breathing problems :

massage 4-5 drops arond nasal passage, thorat & chest

inhalation or aromatherapy :

4-5 drops into diffuser every 2 hours to enjoy the scent


please use after opening as soon as possible. 
please store in a room away from direct sunlight, high temperature, high humidity. 
please keep it in a place which children and pets do not reach.

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