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killer clothes

# size:  XS / S / M / L  
# material : cotton 
# good air permeability
# breathable & comfortable to wear
# hand wash & machine washable
# this pet clothes is perfect size for cats , small and medium sized dogs
# keep pet's hair clean, and avoid bacterial infections
# protect the skin of pets form strong sunshine
# a must when walking with your pet, make him or she attractive,outstanding
# do not bleach
# all dimensions are measured by hand, there may be 2-3cm deviations
# actual color may be slightly different from the image due to different monitor and light effect

  • You can submit refund requests up to 7 days after your order has been completed.

    * Goods which have been taken out of their original packaging cannot be sold again by the seller and can therefore not be returned.

    * Goods should be returned in the exact same packaging as in which they were received, including accessories, manuals, invoices, tags, etc.

    * Goods or accessories which show signs of being used or damaged will not be accepted for returns.

    * Goods that have been washed, worn, damaged or had tags removed from, will not be taken back by the seller.

Color: black