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EDI Revitalising Tonic

A beauty formula that helps maintain skin ideal PH, while providing humectants to balance and hydrate skin.  The Lactic Acid helps to tone and refines pores while D-Panthenol soften the fine facial lines.  This tonic is a super treatment and keeping your face cool and soft.
EDI Revitalising Tonic can also be sprayed on your hair as a protective mist from the harsh envoirnment.


How to use
Please shake the bottle and apply 8 -10 spray over your entire face, and massage with fingertips until fully absorbed by the skin.


Follow with EDI treatment regime. 
Use before SOD Cell Defence & use after EDI Cleansing Gel.

  • Ingredients:
    Lactic Acid 
    <tones & refines pores>
    D- Panthenol
    <soften fine lines>
    100% Pure E.O
    <uplift the mind & leaves the day stress away>
    Cucumis Sativus 
    <imparts a cool feeling to the skin>
    Sodium Lactate 
    <substitute for glycerin>