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EDI Multi-Vit Recharger™

Moisturizing cream enriched with vitamins A, F and E, a potent complex that works synergistically to nourish the skin and to improve firmness. blood circulation, smoothness and elasticity. In addition, the cream contains Esvara® complex and concoction of vitamins nanoparticles to energise cells.  Multi-Vit Recharger™ helps preserve its ability to fight premature ageing of the skin and prevent the appearance of fine lines and age signs, leaving skin looking radiant. 


How to use
Use morning or night. 
Apply 4~5 pumps and spread onto face & neck in outward & upward directions. 
This nutritive treatment will be quickly absorbed.


Use after Revitalising Tonic / SOD Cell Defence™ / DNA Concentrates™.

  • Concentrated Vit E & Algae
    <antioxidant & promotes blood circulation>
    Gold Colloids & Pearl Essence 
    <provides essential minerals to prevent photo-ageing>
    SPF 15  
    <protects against UV Rays>
    <an emollient>
    Irish Moss (Carrageenan) 
    <use as a stabiliser & antioxidant & promotes blood circulation>