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EDI DNA Concentrates™

This intensive care brings comfort and brightness to your skin. DNA Concentrates™
is formulated with CM-glucan that activates extracellular matrix to induce oxidative resistance & collagen production which will improve your skin cell regeneration immsensely. Oligo-peptide replenishes the moisture barrier by re-plimping your skin tissue & penetrate deeply to LOCK IN moisture.  This will increase your skin's elasticity, keeping it from aging, protecting your delicate skin against UV-A & external aggressions.
It alleviates, balances, and strengthens the epidermis while preserving the skin’s texture, transparency, and brightness.


How to use
Apply as a pure concentrate for intensive corrective action on wrinkles, blemish or scars.
Devoid of artificial preservatives & stabilisers, please shake before use.


Use before EDI Multi-Vit Recharger™ / EDI Intensive Night Repair & use after EDI Revitalising Tonic. 

  • CM-Glucan
    <activates extracellular matrix to induce oxidative resistance & collagen production>
    <protects skin against UV Rays & environmental aggressors>
    Hyaluronic Acid
    <holds water than any other natural substance. Rectify fine lines & strengthen lamellar structure in its barrier function>
    <re-plump skin tissue & penetrate deeply to lock-in moisture>
    <antioxidant & anti-irritant>
    Essential Fatty Acids
    <main components that form lipid barriers to keep harmful elements
    from penetrating the skin>