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Everything For Pets

Our flurry friends need to be happy, healthy pets.

Just step inside our doors and you’ll enter a true pet lover's paradise.

Stop by today — your pet will thank you!

Woof RooF

ECO friendly pet bed

earth friendly - pet approved









pet bed

Have you dreamed of a very specific bed for your pet?

Treat your furry friend with a personalized custom dog collar id tag. Professionally crafted and individually made with heart.

Customize the collar to say your dog’s name and vital information.  Nylon dog collar is strong and durable.

Please make sure to measure your furry friend before placing an order. 

Measure the diameter of your dog's neck leaving room for two fingers. 

Your dog’s bed is more than a place for your furry friend to rest its head.  It’s your dog’s home base –  the place where they bring their treats and toys  (and your Sunday slippers) and where they go when they need to feel safe and secure.

Admit it – 

you love dressing your dog up in fun T-shirts to show off its personality and express your sense of style.

There’s no shame in your dog T-shirt game…

and we get it,

so we’ve designed a line of dog T-shirts to fit every breed, big or small.

One of the best ways to bond with your dog is through play.

Try a few different dog toys to see which ones your pet likes best.